Tuesday, August 27, 2013


In May I got a little over ambitious and made way too many cookies! I made butterflies, flowers, snails and fish - and except for a few butterflies most of them ended up in the freezer

I had forgotten about everything except the fish and so when I got them out to decorate there were only a dozen fish and lots and LOTS of snails, flowers and butterflies which I was NOT in the mood to play with! More about them in a later post . . .  

The fish were fun. I made eyes on wax paper first - dozens of fish eyes. I tried using an edible marker for the black dot but it didn't give as perfect a shape as icing did - not too thick or it will form a point. On some I took the point off by lightly pressing down on the top with a small spatula while the dot was still fresh. By making your own eyes and not putting the dot in the middle you can give whatever you are using them on expression.

This little fish had a bad eye which I pried off after it had dried. Royal icing makes very good glue - it was really STUCK on there! To salvage the cookie I put a big blob of icing over the hole that was left and pressed the new eye down. I wish I had thought to do this earlier! I like the way it looks.

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- posted by Momsu