Thursday, July 4, 2013


When Nina came to see us in late June we made cookies - again. Ginger cookies! Last June we used a Tea Party theme. Is "twice" a tradition? This year our theme was Summertime - so many possibilities! We limited our selection to four cookie cutters and four icing colors plus white and dark brown for piping.

Nina made beach balls and happy suns. My sun (at the top of this post) wore sunglasses.

It was hot and humid - unusual for so early in the summer! 

I made sailboats. Have you ever seen polka dot sails?

. . . and we collaborated on an ice cream cone.

Here's what the littlest member of the family and future cookie decorator made - at just 3 she knows what she's doing!

It's much more fun to do it together - thank you for coming to see us and decorating cookies with me, Nina. Visit Nina's Cookie Shop to see more of her great cookies.

- posted by Momsu