Friday, June 7, 2013


When Jill went home after we decorated butterflies on Mother's Day I still had cookies to decorate and no time to do it. I tossed out all of the colored icing we had used to make butterflies but still had some uncolored (white) icing in the refrigerator. I think I was grumbling about mixing up colors when Jill suggested I make white butterflies and I decided that was a very good idea. Mixing the colors and getting the consistency right to ice cookies is not my favorite part. Jill wanted me to make butterflies that look like the white-on-white ginger snowflakes I make every Christmas. Those are easy and very pretty I think.

I tried decorating the big fancy butterfly we hadn't attempted and although I think it has the potential for being truly beautiful I can't control the piping on a cookie that big. I'd better stick to smaller ones. I like the way the shape of the wings on this smaller one turned out.

I think white butterfly cookies would be a pretty favor for a June wedding!

- posted by Momsu