Wednesday, December 12, 2012


No snow in San Diego - just in the mountains to the east of the city once in awhile. But we can MAKE snowflakes! So - from the archives since I'm not decorating cookies until this coming weekend and it's time to get something wintry on the blog:

I like the look of piping in white accented with sanding sugar on a ginger cookie.

Even prettier is white on white. A six-sided star makes a nice snowflake if you don't have or (in my case) don't want to use a snowflake cutter.

And cut out around the edges of big cookies are small bite-sized snowflakes. Be sure to bake cookies of the same size together so the little ones don't get too done while the bigger ones are taking longer.

A six-sided scalloped cutter makes a pretty snowflake too.

Or decorate fat stars in the same way - this one is sprinkled with granulated sugar which stuck to the ginger cookie as well as the icing giving a frosty effect.

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