Saturday, December 1, 2012


. . . but not here in San Diego. We go to the local mountains for a fall "fix" every year. In San Diego we have liquid ambers, ginkos and a few other ornamentals that can be very colorful but most of our deciduous trees just dry up and turn brown.

I discovered photographing my cookies in the sun works well but not on a day when the sun keeps going behind a cloud - like the day I photographed these cookies. It took me forever!

Here's an example of what happens:

This cookie was photographed in the sun - the color is good but with the November sun low in the sky every imperfection shows up. My icing was too thick and it looks like the struggle it was! It will take some Photoshop work to make it look presentable. But if it's a good icing job the sun works very nicely.

Here's the same cookie taken when the sun went behind a cloud. The icing looks better but the color is dull and it will take some Photoshop work to get the color to look better - but not good. The cookies at the top of this post were taken when the sun went behind a cloud and they look dull in spite of Photoshop.

So - I need to slow down and not be in such a hurry - and make sure my royal icing is the right consistency. See Sugarbelle's 20-second icing tutorial. And perhaps I need to set up a photo light box inside instead of using nature's light box? See Sugarbelle's post on photographing cookies

- posted by Momsu


  1. Those are great! Your creative juices are rally flowing! (And my saliva juices!) I like the variety on the limbs. And your technical analysis of what is and isn't working for you. Is that chocolate icing?!??? :D Without the close ups I would have thought you had put down the colors first THEN the trunk and limbs on top ... but NO! you did it the hard way! No wonder you had issues. But it looks so much better this way! BLUE RIBBON! :) --Janet

  2. I know we're entering winter, but when I stopped by to visit these so caught my eye. I. Love. These. Of course, Fall is my favorite season. But these are just so colorful, simple genius, and "mod" if that's the right word!