Sunday, December 16, 2012


For really beautiful snowflakes made with an actual snowflake cutter here are Nina's flakes.

Snowflake Cookie from

I love this cutter - the prettiest I've seen. Where did it come from?

Nina says: This is one of my favorite cookie cutters! Auntie Janet gave it to me for my birthday in the spring and I've been looking forward to using it this winter. I don't know where she got it. Maybe she remembers and will post in the comments!

Snowflake Cookie from

They say there are no two snowflakes alike - hard to believe!

Snowflake Cookie from

These are soooo pretty, Nina!

Nina says: Thank you, Momsu! They were fun to make. I only made these three but would like to do lots more.

- posted by Momsu

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  1. Auntie Janet sez:
    These are cute! And yummy looking. I can imagine fun to eat - nibbling off one snowflake arm after another. mmmMMMmmm. What's the secret to keeping the arms from bending? Cutting and cooking them on parchment? Did you use white "sanding sugar"? I was at Wm-Sonoma Saturday - they have gold, silver and a metallic white sanding sugars, even a turquoise like blue that might look good on a snowflake. :)

    I found the cutter at Central Market in Southlake, TX, before Christmas. :) It was hard to hang onto it all the way to Nina's birthday in Spring (and not give it to her at Christmas time), but I did it! ;) And now I have more I'm hanging onto until her next birthday! :D But that's all I'm going to say about that! Okay, amazing is a good description. But that's all I'm saying. LOL. Let the suspense build! :D And I'm over the question, "Can Nina have too many cookie cutters?" NO! Well, she does needs more storage! ;) What about Momsu or Jill? Need more cookie cutters!????! :)