Thursday, August 9, 2012


Momsu and Nina got together one day in June to bake cookies - GINGER of course!

We made tea pots and tea cups from a new set of Wilton cutters that Nina had found. 

I had a a perspective problem with the top of the teacup and cut it down for the first cookie. And then decided to work with it - but I still didn't get it right. Nina went with the shape and it came out looking better - impressionistic! See the variations below.

And from the same set of cutters we made cupcakes for Auntie Moe's birthday. How old are you now Auntie Moe? I'll bet you won't tell! I like the way Nina left spaces between colors of icing - the look is called a "fatty" in illustration circles. 

It's always fun to see what inspired a project. In this case the colors were picked from the sprinkles we used for the cupcakes.

Look at the different combinations we came up with when we used these colors to frost the tea sets. 

We ran into a problem with the frosting on day two and then ran out of time so this is as far as we got. But more about the frosting problem in another post. -Momsu

Nina says: Great post, Momsu! I like the tumbling cups and pots. This was a fun project; I love decorating cookies with you. You can see my post over at Nina's Show & Tell.

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