Tuesday, September 4, 2012


School has been in session for weeks in many parts of the country but here in California (Southern California anyhow) a lot of schools don't begin until after Labor Day.

Where did the traditional apple for the teacher originate? School starts about the time apple season does and so it makes sense but . . .

When I made my apple cookies I had a little trouble getting the stem and leaf out of the cookie cutter - as usual! I have used various things to poke them out in the past without much success. Today after cutting out at least a dozen apple-shaped cookies and struggling with the stem and leaf I tried flouring the whole inside of the cookie cutter not just the cutting edge. It worked perfectly - I tried it again and the next cookie stuck! I could cover the poke marks with icing but I like the look of some bare spots on cookies.

The cookies fit (tight squeeze) in a 4" cellophane bag. I like to put wrapped decorated cookies in a basket and put them out on the kitchen counter instead of on a plate or in a cookie jar.

When I discovered the cookie blogs I discovered Americolor! And thanks to their great product I was able to finally make a RED apple! I've made this apple many times but it has always been frosted as a pale green apple - Granny Smith. I LOVE Americolor! It tastes good (that is - it doesn't taste bad like some colors do) and it doesn't make a mess. I don't know how Royal Icing can have so much sugar in it and not be sticky? And aren't we all happy about that! 

I made ABCs too. My old set of red plastic Wilton cutters make such cute fat little shapes I decided not to decorate them. Our ginger cookie recipe is very good without icing. Looks like the tide is going out! -Momsu



  1. Wow! That's a huge apple cookie! I didn't realize it was a 4" cookie! When I saw the first time in the (oops) blog post, I figured it was just 2-3 inches. But you managed to get the icing looking nice and smooth across the whole 4" cookie - that's a feat in itself. And, nice finishing touch on the stem tip for a 3-dimensional look! :D How'd you do that??? --Janet

    1. I've learned a lot from cookie blogger tutorials. Like "shake the cookie to smooth out the icing" - it works! How'd I do the 3-dimantional look on the stem? I was trying to get the stem out of the cookie cutter - it was an accident! Thanks for the nice comment!

  2. I love your red apple and I love the look of the undecorated fat letters.