Thursday, February 7, 2013


By Valentine's Day last year I had discovered the cookie bloggers and was trying new ways of decorating. And with Americolor gels getting a good red icing was easy. I decided that piping and filling with royal icing left a better edge than simply spreading the icing on the cookie.
I was trying out the wet on wet technique - so perfect for making a heart by dragging a toothpick down the center of a dot. The scalloped outline in icing on that square cookie didn't turn out because the icing was too thin and the heart bled for the same reason - but I liked the look of the cookie. I love red. I love Valentine's Day - it's my birthday! So - from the archives here's a plate of sugar cookie hearts.

- posted by Momsu


  1. Wow! That's a really good red! The white polka dots are darling, I'm surprised they didn't bleed! Definitely need to try the wet-on-wet technique myself - the heart on white is adorable too, I like how that one bled into the white a little bit. :}

  2. AmeriColor has several reds. I like this bright one - it's RED RED. Thanks for the comment!