Sunday, May 19, 2013


Jill came for Mother's Day weekend and we decorated butterfly cookies. It's MUCH more fun to do it together. She brought a beautiful big copper butterfly cutter and I made ginger and sugar cookies with it and my big Nut Tree butterfly cutter - determined to do a better job with a large cookie this time but didn't get that far.

I also made smaller butterflies with my simple Wilton cutter

and a new swallowtail cutter that quickly became our favorite. Jill put dots on the tails - I like that.

The bigger cookies are still sitting there getting stale a week later. 

What I learned: Make the butterfly body first - it's hard to fit a body between two wings which sometimes end up too far apart. And - it's hard to decorate cookies when it's very hot and dry. 

- posted by Momsu

Nina says: These are so pretty! I wish I had been there to decorate with you. I love the new swallowtail cookie cutter!

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