Monday, May 27, 2013


 Nina made such cute cookies for me for Mother's Day!

 They reminded me of the Ricky Ticky Stickies of the 60s.

We used big pink and orange ones to decorate Nina and Jill's room when they were little.

The cookies are rolled oatmeal so they are a little ragged around the egdes. (It's not a bad PhotoShop job!) They are very good! I love oatmeal cookies! 

There was a whole tray of them - all packaged up so they wouldn't break and shipped to me in San Diego. Thank you, Nina!

PS - Visit Nina's Cookie Shop on line.

- posted by Momsu

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Jill came for Mother's Day weekend and we decorated butterfly cookies. It's MUCH more fun to do it together. She brought a beautiful big copper butterfly cutter and I made ginger and sugar cookies with it and my big Nut Tree butterfly cutter - determined to do a better job with a large cookie this time but didn't get that far.

I also made smaller butterflies with my simple Wilton cutter

and a new swallowtail cutter that quickly became our favorite. Jill put dots on the tails - I like that.

The bigger cookies are still sitting there getting stale a week later. 

What I learned: Make the butterfly body first - it's hard to fit a body between two wings which sometimes end up too far apart. And - it's hard to decorate cookies when it's very hot and dry. 

- posted by Momsu

Nina says: These are so pretty! I wish I had been there to decorate with you. I love the new swallowtail cookie cutter!