Friday, April 25, 2014


Jill volunteered to help me decorate cookies again this Easter and I wanted to make mostly the same cookie shapes to decorate as last year - see last year's cookies. But - I wanted to try something a little different and handed over a bunch of carrots to Jill. Above is what she came up with! Voila! Looks like Southwest carrots - how fun!

I got as far as yellow polka dots - not very inspired as much as I love polka dots. 

Jill came up with a great looking top - Southwest again. 

We did eggs - of course 

and flowers. Jill did very graphic spirals - I like the dot. Again it has a southwest flavor. 

And finally I tried putting arms on my favorite bunny. He is now "holding" the flower!

Jill put a wreath of flowers around his neck. 

I haven't decorated cookies in months - it was really fun! And fun to do it with Jill!

- posted by Momsu


  1. I love these! Jill's carrots are wonderful and I love the one contrasting dot at the end of the flower center spirals. Good job on the bunny's arms, Momsu! That's a really nice detail.

  2. Thank you, Nina - we missed you last weekend!