Sunday, July 13, 2014


Nina and I decorated cookies again this summer. We had great plans, lots of ideas! We decided on a Southwest theme with about twelve cookie cutters which wound up being six - animals only. No cactus or cowboy boots and somberos. We were no farther than the iced shapes when time got short and the icing didn't behave. Oh NO! And so we decided to save all of our great ideas for another day. But what to do with all those boring iced ginger cookie animals? (The colors were great, Nina!) Maybe EYES? At one point I had made a lot of eyes out of leftover white and black royal icing and stashed them away thinking they might come in handy someday. So the eyes and an edible black pen did our decorating.

The Javelina is a wild pig. He is a very flat animal. 

I bought this cutter as a polar bear and that works too but he is also the shape of the Indian Spirit Bear. 

He is often shown with an arrow on him. Perhaps this is to depict the "spirit" of a bear who was shot with an arrow? I don't know. Nina did some research and found this: The heartline begins at the mouth where breath gives life and points to the soul, or spirit, where faith and inner strength preside. 

This Howling Coyote image became popular in the Southwest several years ago and for a while was everywhere. Some had a bandanna tied backwards around the neck.

The Rabbit is found in the desert too - a cousin of the white Easter bunny he is much scruffier in the wild. 

Our youngest decorator is four now and has been visiting art galleries. She is very fond of Picasso and I see an influence here. 

And we have the Armadillo who rolls himself into a tight ball when threatened. 

Nina decided this Turtle looked like a green ghost - even a dancing green ghost with eyes in the back of his head! I turned him on his side but it didn't help much. In truth I think the cutter is supposed to be a sea turtle but there are turtles in the desert as well and we didn't think to modify him. 

Was the desert sun at the top of this post decorated by our youngest artist - I think so. Great expression!

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