Saturday, October 13, 2012


I love candy corn! I thought a sugar cookie with a glaze would be perfect, giving the cookies that slightly waxy appearance. And it turns out the imperfections in my glazing technique look similar to the texture on the real thing!

These are 2" high. I cut a 2" thick strip of dough, then used the end of an ice cream cone cutter to cut the triangles.

This little ghost is part of a set of 3 sizes of ghosts. I love the simple shape and thought he could share the white glaze from the candy corn.

What do you call a group of ghosts? I read on another blog someone calling it a "haunt" which is cute!

I reclaimed my small letters from the play dough toys. When ghosts and candy corn share a cookie platter, this is what happens, candy corn colored BOOs!

A happy plate of yummy treats.
See more over at Nina's Show & Tell.

Happy Halloween!


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