Friday, October 5, 2012


Halloween Baking has begun!
Bear is dressed for the occasion.

He's been to the pumpkin patch!

It was fun to pipe the vines onto these pumpkins.

I have lots of ideas for more Halloween cookies, it's still early in October so I hope to have more to show soon! See more over at Nina's Show & Tell. -Nina

MOMSU SAYS:  I remember the first time you made that cute ginger bear with the pudgy nose - one Christmas a long time ago! It's fun to see him again in his pumpkin T-shirt.
I like the color on your pumpkins - is it Americolor orange or did you mix it? I need to replace my odds and ends of colors and invest in Americolor - it's the best!

NINA SAYS: I used Americolor orange and I may have added some egg yolk yellow. You'd think I'd remember since it was just last week! I'd better start taking better notes. It's great to work with!

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