Tuesday, November 12, 2013


I created this apple tree before I had a blog. Inspired by Sugarbelle (who does a wonderful job of combining cookie cutters and making cookie cutters into entirely different things) I pieced two cutters together and created a fat little tree. If you look closely you will see a big scalloped cookie cutter and a small square one. I love the shape it created.

The cookies came out well but I tried a different ginger cookie recipe and was very disappointed with the flavor. It wasn't as good as our recipe and I threw the cookies out - didn't waste my time decorating them. Nothing ventured . . .

To figure out this tree I scanned the cookie cutters and removed the background in PhotoShop. Then I pieced the two outlines together and filled them with gingerbread color.

I planned to decorate them like this - I used MSDraw to draw on the scanned cookie to make a green tree with red apples. I do this with anything I want to experiment with - to see what it will look like. It's fun! 

Smaller trees are easier to make! 

Wilton Metal Cookie Cutter 3' Red/Apple

Last year I posted AN APPLE FOR THE TEACHER so I wanted a different apple cookie cutter and found this smaller one from Wilton - available on Amazon for $4.32 (yikes!) or from JOANN online for 99 cents. I ordered it from JOANN along with a few other things to defer the cost - and I had a coupon!

I've finally learned to put lots of flour in tight spots in cookie cutters (like the stem and leaf) so they will come out of the cutter without breaking off. 

Enjoy apple season! 

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