Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Do you remember Pogens? They appeared here (in California) in the 1970s and 80s. They were thin crisp ginger cookies in fun animal shapes decorated with little dots poked into the dough. We loved them but then one day they just disappeared! 

A few years ago Nina found a recipe online and began to make them for us. She adds 1/2 cup of flour to this recipe, chills the dough, rolls them 1/8" thick and cuts them into shapes. With a toothpick (the point cut off) she makes eyes and decorates them with dots before baking. The flat end of a cocktail pick or other small skewer will work too. 

The flavor is a little different than other ginger cookies I've tried. Looking at the recipe I discovered there is more cinnamon than ginger - twice as much. I think that's the secret. These cookies smell just like Pogens did - delicious! 

Thank you Nina for sending me Pogen hearts and flowers for Mother's Day and bringing back fond memories!

And - here are more from a few years ago when Nina first started to try to duplicate the recipe. 


Good job Nina!  

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