Saturday, June 20, 2015


Our littlest decorator is five now and doing a VERY good job of decorating cookies! She made these especially for Grampa.

Meanwhile Nina decorated cookies for lots of dads.

Father's Day is such a great excuse to make something special. One year I made a blueberry pie - and for the first time the juices didn't run out of the stars. Yea! I think cutting stars out of the top crust was Nina's idea for the 4th of July one year. The trick is getting the top crust on the pie with the stars where you want them! 

Another year I made an apple pie with a crumb crust. Even though pie apples aren't at their best this time of year it's still our favorite pie - I like Macintosh apples for pie or Pippin if I can find them. But the best pie I ever made was from ugly little apples that came from a friend's apple tree here in San Diego! 

Some years I've tied up "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY" cookies in a goody bag. 

And one year Nina made BIG Snicker-doodles.

Recently we honored our DaddyO with mustache cookies on a stick.

 Of course he already has a mustache! That day everyone had a mustache! 

to everybody's dad

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