Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Easter was early this year and the cookies were baked in time. But then . . . 

They just didn't get decorated! 
I planned what I wanted to do on the computer - my favorite planning tool. I take a photo of the cookie and decorate it with the drawing tools in MS Publisher. It's a lot easier than decorating the cookie with real icing! 

This is a blog about what not to do and what I finally did do.

When I decorated the cookies I piped the flowers first and had too much stem so I added leaves. 

The first thing not to do is to attempt a complicated design without either a template or a KopyKake projector. I didn't take the time to make a template and I don't have a KopyKake projector. 

The second thing not to do is to try to make a complicated design when you are in a hurry! And Easter was long gone so I didn't have much incentive. I liked the design but since I just wanted to finally get the cookies finished and was in a hurry - the elements didn't line up very well. 

In a hurry - medium sized eggs came out much better.

And little eggs came out best of all.

I made my favorite bunny without the arms this year (see here for arms) but with a different flower to match the eggs.

And where there's a bunny there has to be a carrot or two! 

"Good job!", everyone who got Easter cookies made in time for EASTER! 

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